New Mexico Road Trip Summer 2008

Hello friends, family, and people I remember fondly out of my contacts list,

My son Keith and I just took a week-plus road trip through my home
state of New Mexico. While the gas prices were not fun, it was great
to see friends, family, and all the beauty of New Mexico.

Bjay didn’t go this time, it was just a campin’, drivin’,
shower-when-you-have-to, sleep-where-you-land father/son trip. She
stayed in Tucson and minded the homestead, took care of the old sick
Cisco dog, and got a vacation from taking care of me and Keith :)
Please forward this to anybody I missed, and give me the email/contact
info of other family/friends I haven’t heard from. My website and
contact info is

Here’s the pics, lemme know if you have probs viewing them:

And for those of you who are busy or don’t know my family, here’s some
choice ones that I’ve tagged “roadtrip2008picturesque” that exclude
the family/friend portraits:

Also, if you are looking for the perfect soundtrack when you look at
these pics, I recommend my favorite song about New Mexico from my
friend Kevin Pakulis at :

Vaya con Dios,

— Chad Woolley