Chad Woolley - Bio Blurb

Hi, I'm Chad Woolley, AKA thewoolleyman everywhere. I've been a professional full-stack polyglot coder/sysadmin for 30+ years, from mainframes to cloud computing. I love loose coupling, high cohesion, and clean code. In many ways, technology is the easy part of software development and deployment - working with my fellow humans to build successful, empathetic, kind, and effective teams is also wonderfully fun and challenging! But I'll always be a coder, because that's what I love - I leave the management responsibilities to others.

I've been a Software Engineer at GitLab since 2019. Prior to that, I've worked at Pivotal, IBM, Choice Hotels, and several other coding/sysadmin jobs. I graduated from New Mexico State in 1994 with a BBA in Business Computer Systems (because I didn't think I was good enough at math to get a CS degree). I originally learned to program by hacking BASIC on Apple II computers in the '80s (like John Carmack)

For more details on my skills and experience, you can see the resume which got me my current position at GitLab here: It's an interactive, dynamic Single-Page App, deployed and hosted on GitLab. I created it to teach myself Vue.js and prove I knew enough to use it, which was a requirement for the full-stack position for which I was applying.

I have an archaically outdated personal website at - all my contact info is at the bottom; feel free to connect with me. If you want to know what hacking I've been up to lately, ask me or check my recent activity on GitHub as thewoolleyman), or GitLab as thewoolleyman (personal) or cwoolley-gitlab (work).