Chad Woolley

[email protected] -

520-861-1183 Tucson, AZ

Hi, I'm Chad Woolley, AKA thewoolleyman everywhere.

I've been a professional full-stack polyglot coder/sysadmin for 25+ years, from mainframes to cloud computing. I love loose coupling, high cohesion, pure functions, strong types, and dynamic languages.

But technology is the easy part of software development and deployment - working with my fellow humans to build successful, empathatic, kind, and effective teams which provide value to users is much more wonderfully challenging :)

I've been a Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal since 2006. Prior to that, I've worked at IBM, Choice Hotels, and several other coding/sysadmin jobs. I graduated from New Mexico State in 1994 with a BBA in Business Computer Systems (because I wasn't good enough at math to get a CS degree).

I'm not looking for a job, and I haven't updated my resume for over a decade (I want to rewrite it in PureScript someday), but I have an archaically outdated website at - all my contact info is at the bottom.

If you want to know what I've been up to lately, feel free to ask me or check my GitHub.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

-- Chad