UPDATE: fretwar is sadly defunct, but the tracks are on this site I'll update the links someday...

(Newer stuff since I actually learned a little about recording)

Original Music Submissions on

Twelve Bar Battle

Southern Weather

oops i said i luv u sry

Raw Funky Juice


Raw Music

(Older random clips and stuff)

12 bar improv, 2 tracks, 1 take

Impromptu Purple Haze (John) (David)

Voodoo Chile w/Noodle (John) (David)

Amazing Love – Newsboys cover w/Grace Multiplied

Walking Bass 12 Bar Swing

Freebird Intro, 3 tracks, one take

Freebird Solo, 3 tracks, one take

Trance Monkeys – Playing w/Garage Band Samples

Playing w/Garage Band Effects – including Creepy Rated PG Freestyle Lyrics

Helpless with Cheap Microphone

Raw Music Videos

(Yes, I was too lazy to plug in my M-Audio, so it’s just the Macbook mic)

Simple Man Cover

Sloppily Zeppily Medly

Nothin’ to Give – Original

Guitar Riff from ‘Holy Wars’, by Megadeth

A Little Riff and Solo in B

Music From Other People

My friends Kevin Pakulis and Jesus LopezPhotos and Video